California Educational Facilities Authority Privacy Notice

Reasons for Requesting Your Information
The California Educational Facilities Authority (“CEFA”) asks for your information so that CEFA can administer the College Access Tax Credit as required under the College Access Tax Credit Allocation and Certification Regulations (“Regulations”) and Revenue and Taxation Code sections 12207, 17053.86, 17503.87, 23686 and/or 23687. You must provide all requested information, unless indicated as “optional.”

Consequences for Noncompliance
Failure to provide all requested information will be cause for rejection of your Application or other forms required under the Regulations, and CEFA will not be able to reserve, or allocate and certify, College Access Tax Credits.

Information Disclosure
CEFA may disclose your information to the California Franchise Tax Board, the California Department of Insurance, the California State Treasurer's Office, the Internal Revenue Service, and as required or permitted by law.

Responsibility for the Records and Your Right of Access
The Executive Director of CEFA maintains the records and shall, upon your request, inform you regarding the location of your records and the categories of any persons who use the information in the records. You have the right of access to records containing your personal information that are maintained by CEFA, and to contest the content or accuracy of your personal information in the records. You can obtain information about your records or request corrections to your personal information in the records by phone (916) 653-2872 or mail / in person 915 Capitol Mall, Room 435, Sacramento, California 95814.